Monday, January 25, 2010

Hungarian Rhyme

From what I understand, Kabir can speak Hungarian almost as fluently as Hindi, thanks to his dear friend and nanny Iren. Here he is reciting a nursery rhyme that Iren taught him. I think the rhyme is about a colorful cow that has no ears or tail :-)



Abha said...

oh boy!!! This is just adorable Pooja...How cute :)

Izabella said...
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Izabella said...

In English:

Cow cow brindled
Has no ear or tail
We are going to live
Where we can get milk.

Cow cow got a cold
I made him some pants
But he didn't want to wear it
So I had to put him to bed.

Izabella said...

In Hungarian:

Boci boci tarka
Se füle se farka
Oda megyünk lakni
Ahol tejet kapni.

Boci boci megfázott
Varrtak neki nadrágot
Nem akarta felvenni
Agyba kellett fektetni.

Gunjan said...

lol..thats soo cute!! love his expressions!

vijay shah said...

kabu paas jana,kabu pass sweet,