Tuesday, January 6, 2009

warm & fuzzy pull over

Thanks to the weather we had during the holidays, I got plenty of time to stay indoors and work on a little knitting project for Kabir - a bunny pullover. I had plenty of left over yarn from the hat I had knit him for halloween, so it only made sense to have a matching pullover.
For anyone who might be interested, I used the pattern from Roo Designs and modified it to add an opening at the shoulder seam. The yarn is Paton's pure merino wool which should keep Kabu very warm :-)

I made him pose in it first thing this morning.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed making this for him, I wish I had made it a little bigger in size. I blindly followed the recommended size for a 12 month old instead of taking actual measurements. The result is that the pullover fits him just right and will probably only get a month or two of use before Kabu grows out of it. Hopefully the weather will change by then so he doesn't need a sweater anyway (wishful thinking!).
This happens to be the third hand-knit sweater made especially for Kabu. The first one was a baby Yoda sweater that I had made when I was pregnant with Kabu. Here's a picture of him wearing it when he was 2 days old :-)

And the second one was a beautiful sweater knit by Kabu's dadi. This one is a pattern from Knitting for baby and has been lovingly worn by him for the past three months.

With a model like this, who wouldn't want to keep knitting?


Gunjan said...

wow..lovely sweater!! n the cutest model ever!..:)

SHAIFALI said...

very sweet indeed nit by a loving mom!:))

Shiva said...

Nice work Pooja, you have excellent knitting skills!! Kabu looks very cute in the bunny sweater.

ligne said...

wow..you are really good at this... :)