Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Visiting OMSI

Kabu enjoyed himself thoroughly today in the "science playground" at the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry).
Digging in the sand pit

Tasting some sand

Making a face after licking the sieves - they taste like sand too!

Playing with a melon in the make-believe grocery store

Time for a puppet show!

Admiring the fish

Dressed as a chipmunk

And playing with this fun exhibit with and air blower

But the coolest part was visiting Moneyville where we printed our own Dino Dollars and Space Bucks. We are now millionaires!

Though it was fun, OMSI seemed more appropriate for older children. The Children's museum, on the other hand, was just the right place for Kabu. So we got a membership there and have already visited it twice last week (pictures coming up shortly!)

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Shiva said...

The video clip was fun - with kabu trying to reach for the balls floating on air!! He is so adorable :)