Monday, December 15, 2008

Hawaii revisited

I finally had the chance this weekend to go through all of our photos from Hawaii. Although its been a while now, I still wanted to go ahead and write a post on some of the other memorable moments from the trip.
1- We had taken a little inflatable ducky with us for Kabu so he could go on a "boat-trip" in the ocean with us. He loved splashing around in the water sitting in his ducky - I believe this was because he liked the salty taste of the ocean water in his mouth.

2- Our evening on Mahaulepu beach was another memorable evening. It had a picture perfect setting.

We were lucky to come across four hawaiian monk seals on the shore that day. And one of them was a two week old pup! The Hawaiian monk seal is an endangered species endemic to the waters of the Hawaiian islands, with only about 1200 or so remaining.
What a life!

The little black thing stuck to its mama is the pup seal

3- Tunnels beach was another beautiful beach on the North shore of the island. It has a really big reef that makes it a great beach for snorkeling.
enjoying a fresh coconut
4- We also spent some time lazying around in cafes and playing with Kabir

One of the games that Kabir enjoyed quite a bit involved me repeating the street names - specially the alliterative ones (Na wili wili, Ele ele, Wai Ale Ale etc.)

5-On our last day in Kauai we decided to do one more hike - Nounou mountain or "the sleeping giant". This was a moderate 5 mile roundtrip hike (~1000 ft elevation) on the east side of the island.
View from the trail
Kabu silently hoping this doesn't become another adventure
At the top

6- And finally a collection of random photos - all my favorites.
at lydgate beach

Hanalei vista point

Hula Dance Night

Hawaiian beauty - I hope he doesn't hate me for this when he grows up ;-)

Special papa-beta bonding


Shiva said...

cute photos! you look nice. :)

Abha said...

Loved the pics....
Kabu is adorable in the video

Shiva said...

Very Good photos. Specially one in whch he is doing puchhi and also the one with flower in the head.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja,

Great pics! Kabir has really expressive eyes :)

Many happy returns of the day to you. Hope momma's first birthday was also fun.