Friday, December 19, 2008

And the time starts now..

For a while now, I had been counting down to this day. Today happens to be my last day before a five week long leave of absence from work. That's right! It is probably a really bad time to be gone from work considering the state of the economy and the fact that my company has already laid off many employees. But as one of my colleagues put it "you've gotto do what you've gotto do". So here I am! The next five weeks hold a lot of promise. It will be the time when I'll finally be able to do all the things that I complained I couldn't because I had no time.
Here's a list of some things that come to mind
- take Kabu to see Oregon zoo lights
- go to the Portland Children's museum
- visit OMSI
- ride the max with Kabu ( I think this will be my primary mode of travel within the city now!)
- visit other moms and have play dates for Kabu
- catch a mommy matinee show at the Kennedy school
- go check out Milagros
- take Kabu for Friday Book Babies at the public library (if its still running)
- Take a trip with Kabu (maybe a train ride to seattle? It could even be a trip overseas if I ever get through all the visa formalities)
- work on a knitting project for Kabu
Realistically I may end up doing only half the things on this list, but its still fun to plan ahead so I can have all this to look forward to. So you see, I'm going to keep very busy now. Because I'm going to play 'mom'! And I already know that playing mom can keep you far more busy than any job can :-)


bhavna said...

I like the "train ride to seattle" idea :) yay!

Priyanka said...

Kabu gets 8 out of 10 in this list.