Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tundra slopes

On one of the touristy things we did while we were in the Rockies last week was to drive on the Trail Ridge Road which is supposed to be the highest paved continuous highway in the US. It crosses the continental divide and reaches a highest elevation of ~12,200 ft. The drive is beautiful and winds its way above timberline through alpine tundra slopes.
It also happened to be the tail end of the elks' fall mating season and we hand the opportunity to see many bull elks with their harems.
Saurabh took the above picture of a lone bull elk at dusk at about 12,000 ft. Its been featured as the "picture of the day" on BBC today. Have a look.
More pictures from the trip coming up!

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bhavna said...

Very nice pictures Pooja! So cool that the pic was featured as "picture of the day"!!