Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello from Denver (belated)

I had written this post the day we had arrived in Denver (10/4) but had not been able to post it until now.

That's right - we got here today! In spite of the craziness leading up to it (where we felt like we were packing our entire home to take with us), our first day exceeded all our expectations! This was Kabir's first time on a plane, and I was anxious about how it would turn out. But from today's experience I feel like Kabu is a born traveller! Perhaps the numerous plane rides he took when he was still in my womb contributed to it :-)

We got to the airport more than two hours before the flight so we could go through all the procedures in a relaxed manner. We spent some time at the huge glass windows so Kabu could see the planes taking off and landing. When it was time to board, we were surprised at how quickly the two hours had gone by.

Kabir sat on my lap for the take-off, but he was too busy nibbling on his rice crackers to notice that the plane had taken off. Soon after, he fell asleep and spent the next 2.5 hrs napping in his car-seat. He woke up right when it was time to get off the plane. Needless to say, the flight was very relaxing. Our air-hostess on Southwest Airlines was awesome - she talked with Kabu, gave him some stuff to play with and even flirted with him!

Right after the flight, Kabu got his first ever train ride when we had to take a light rail on the airport to get to baggage claim area, followed by his first ever bus ride when we had to take the bus to the car rental location. Finally, we had an uneventful (which is good) car ride to our hotel.
Once here, Kabu seems to be excited about being in a new place. He has been crawling back and forth in our room, exploring it and in general is in his 'happy baby' mood. He's also spent the last hour or so playing and goofing around with his papa. Here's hoping that the rest of our trip continues to be just as good.

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Abha said...

Like the way he is holding to the glass wall. I have to tell you a how to icrease the window for your videos.