Monday, April 3, 2017

London 2016: Family time

Summer is almost here and before we leave for our vacation this year, I thought it was time to sort through and post our pictures from last year's trip to London (3 weeks in May 2016). We had a fantastic time with mausi and mausaji. The kids got a lot of love from their mama-mami (Mohit mama, Dina mami, Shon mama and Shruti mami) and the most memorable time with cousins Amara and Miraya. Our time in Brisbane with Chintu bua, fufaji and cousins Ananya and Aditya was lovely as well.

With mausi-mausaji
Anurag gets to be big brother to Amara
Playtime with nana
Fun with Shon mama and Shruti mami

At Mohit mama and Dina mami's house

An afternoon of sight-seeing with nani
Adorable Miru
Lego time with Amara

Kite flying with Mayur mama

The most memorable time for kids: Legoland with both mamas and Amara

An afternoon of water play at Mohit mama's local pool

Mohit mama takes us to his Alma Mater: Cambridge

A weekend in Brisbane at Chintu bua's

Indoor sky-diving adventure with Shon mama and Shruti mami

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