Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Family outing to Alibaug

January was a crazy month. Its always rough to get into the new year after a fabulous end-of-year vacation. Moreover, I have my annual PhD progress seminar at the end of January and no matter how well I try to plan, the last few weeks are always insane. This time it was even harder because Kabir fell sick. He suffered from a severe asthmatic attack - first time ever. It was very upsetting for us. We are unsure what allergen caused it and are hoping against hope that it was a one-off event. 

To celebrate the end of a difficult month, we all (along with dada-dadi and nana-nani) escaped to Alibaug for a two day vacation. It was the perfect holiday. Our stay at SSS was what made it extra-special. We enjoyed the property, explored its secret pathways, spent hours on the swings on the Banyan trees and played with Cashew, Blackie and the little puppies and cats. We played carrom and scrabble slam and spent hours chatting with one another around the lunch/dinner table. There was a good sprinkling of touristy stuff: an evening at Kihim beach and the next morning at Alibaug beach/fort. But the highlight though was our trek up the hill on Sunday evening to a quiet and beautiful lake where we swam till sunset and climbed down in darkness. 

I'm making up for the past few weeks' inactivity by posting a whole lot of photos.


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