Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swimmathon 2015

Kabir and I registered for the swimmathon in IIT this Friday. We participated mostly to be a part of the festive event and didn't plan to swim for very long (minimum time required was 1 hour - max 12 hours). But we ended up swimming from 9pm to 12am and had a whole lot of fun! There was music, snacks, cheering crowd and great weather for swimming (hot!). Between the two of us, we swam a total of 7km. I swam more than twice the distance that Kabir swam (though less than thrice). How much did each of us swim? ;)
Regardless, it was a great achievement for Kabir. The life guards were cheering for him on the microphone egging him on. Unfortunately, no photos :(

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