Monday, November 18, 2013

Misc update

November is usually a crazy month around here with Diwali, school vacation, children's day and so on. This month it got a little crazier with me going down with dengue fever. I've recovered now though still not back to usual energy levels. Fortunately, dadisa was around until last week so the kids had a great vacation nevertheless.

Some highlights from this (long) weekend alone were:
- Children's day event in Anurag's school on Friday (magic show, juggler etc and special appearances by Chhota Bheem and Doraemon)
- Kabir's fancy dress in school on Saturday. He won the second prize for being an astronaut!
- Amu's birthday party and a half-day outing to Tushita chachi's home after Kabir's school on Saturday
- Ramayana play for kids @ Canvas laugh factory this Sunday with nana-nani and many other friends. The boys are quite dharmik to begin with and so the play was a hit with them. Kabir's favourite character was Hanuman and Anurag's favourite were Sita and Surpanakha.

In other news, Kabir had been spending time with Saurabh in reviewing the World chess championship games. But now with Vishy being 2 games down, the excitement for the game as subsided and noone in the house wants to look at the news, let alone going through the games.

Diwali was low-key with me in the hospital (the doctor allowed me to go home by noon on Diwali when I requested "to atleast let me spend diwali at home") :-)  So there are no Diwali pictures this year.

School restarted a few days after Diwali for Kabir and this week for Anu. Kabu has been getting into some trouble at school for not doing his class-work and creating mischief in class. His defense was that he doesn't feel like writing. Math is the only subject that he seems to like and that's because it doesn't involve writing long sentences. We lectured him on the merits of hardwork (surprising how it felt like I was repeating the words I'd heard from my parents a million times while growing up) and have started paying a little more attention to what he brings back from school (fortunately no homework yet). Hopefully this is just a phase and will pass soon.

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