Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5th Birthday Celebration

Kabir's 5th birthday turned out to be a lot of fun (even if somewhat exhausting for me!). He helped plan it and we decided to have two separate parties - a brunch party in the staff hostel play area with his staff hostel friends and a more formal dinner party at Gulmohar with extended family and other close friends. We agreed to request for no birthday gifts and Kabir decided to make thankyou cards for all his friends (his initial suggestion was that I bake cookies again this year, but fortunately agreed that he was now old enough to make his own return gifts!). Here are some photos capturing some of the moments.
The number '5' cake as demanded by Kabir
Hand-made thankyou cards from Kabir to all his friends
The brunch party in the staff hostel play area
With Pranidhi (his current best friend), Prajna and Mihika didi
Food time - chhole-tikki, aalu parathe, pulav and chips
birthday boy
Kabir's friends
The dinner party at Gulmohar
Kabir's 5th and Zoya's (belated) 1st being celebrated together
Birthday boy with Tani didi and Amu
With Buggy and Rhiku
A family photo
Dadi's 3 monkeys
A rare family pic


Roli said...

Hey there - happy birthday to Kabir! Hand made thank you cards already is too awesome!!

Abha said...

A very happy birthday to Kabu.
Pooja those cards look amazing. Can't believe how neat and creative they are. Way to go Kabu!

Anshu said...

Belated happy birthday to kabir! Two bday parties is awesome!