Thursday, May 17, 2012

The chronicles of raising Anu will be incomplete if I didn't mention the most arduous task of feeding him milk everyday. Ever since he got off breastmilk, the only way that has (partially) worked is to feed him milk using a katori and chammach. Thats right, a cup and a spoon. I was never able to get him to drink from a bottle and sippy cups only worked with water. So every morning and evening we sit down with a cup of milk and distract him with any thing that fancies his interest - toys, a cup of water to make mess with, a mop or whatever. And then we try to feed him milk with a spoon. When everything fails, Kabir comes to the rescue.

 But no matter how we try, the end result is usually the same. A big mess...

....and a victorious grin by the perpetrator.

So, God help us!


Nagaja said...

Oh wow, that sounds like a ton of work! I assume from the pics you've tried mixing in horlicks/complan/other taste changers.

One idea might be to take him to the store and have him pick out a special "milk" cup (like with a straw or something) and then encourage only drinking in that? (Or perhaps you've tried that too...)

Pooja said...

Hi Nagaja, yes it is a lot of work! We do use chocolate flavoured Horlicks but it hasn't helped that much. The pediatricians here warn against the use of sippy cups for anything but water as the cups harbour bacteria in this heat and a dish-washer like clean is very difficult (esp for cups with straws). So we'll just need to transition Anu to a regular glass (which he uses for drinking everything other than milk). But I should probably get him a special looking glass just for milk....thanks for the suggestions :-)