Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My little airplane

Kabir had a fancydress competition in his school two weeks ago. There was no question about what he wanted to be - a bright little airplane! And I was on board as soon as I found the costume idea here. It took us three days to get the whole thing together, and Kabir's excitement had to be seen to be believed!
Kabu trying out the airplane at home

On the stage....the airplane faces some turbulent weather :-)

No prizes were won, but much fun was had by all in creating this costume. Kabu announced that he loves his airplane and didn't want to come out of it. Now the costume is used by both Anu and Kabu who take turns flying in our hallway!


Abha said...

What fun! Good Job Motu...

Radhika said...

i love the costume pooja di! if i were among the judges, kabir would have got the 1st prize!
he looks adorable :-)