Monday, September 19, 2011

Anu talking

I have been slow at updating the blog lately with all the craziness at work and home. I will try to catch up by posting some of the pictures taken during the last month and half. For now, here is a video of Anurag that I took yesterday.

Anu has been talking quite a bit lately. His favorite words other than the normal mama, papa, bhaiya etc are hoot (book), jalu (jhadu/broom), ball, fish (accompanied by making a fish face), joosh (juice), joota (shoes), bhau-bhau (dog), barish (rain) and all the animals in his animal book like horse, cheetah, hathi, monkey etc. My most favorite, however, is his loving "mammaaa, aa jaao" even though he usually says that pounding at the bathroom door when I'm inside!

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