Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kabir starts Kindergarten!

That's right! Kabir has been admitted to Lower KG. His school starts tomorrow. His first day of schooling ever. What a big day!

Except, he's not going to school tomorrow. We're taking him to Goa for a few days to attend a wedding in the family. And after we get back from Goa, we'll soon leave for Udaipur to spend a few weeks with grandparents. This certainly does not bode well for his future. But I don't think Kabir is complaining!

These will have to wait a few days...


Shiva said...

I remember the day when you were admitted to the same LKG 30 years back in July 1981 in section F with Mrs. Tulpude as your class teacher. Time has passed so fast.

Bidisha Ghosh said...

ole pooja. Wish him all the very best. I was also in section D. At that time mrs. Shivalkar used be the class teacher. I also read your post about your new job. It just shows how out of touch I am with you. I actually got to know about your job from this post rather than in person :-( Congratulations and wish you all the very best. I think this will turn out well as you are following your heart.