Friday, May 6, 2011

Little troublemaker

This is turning out to be a third post in the "First time" series, and it definitely takes the cake. Today, Anurag managed to lock his nanny in the bathroom. That's right. He can barely reach the lock and by some fluke he managed to slide the little rod which locked the door while his nanny was in the bathroom. And there was nobody else at home. So Anita (the nanny) was locked in while Anurag was locked out. They both panicked. Anita started screaming for help from the bathroom window while Anurag starting bawling outside the bathroom door. It so happened that none of our neighbours were around at that time. Fortunately, Kabir's school teacher from Sishu Vihar heard Anita's cries and came up to find out what was going on. She had my phone number and called me. After some drama (which involved onlookers trying to break our main door down while waiting for us to get home), we could finally get inside the house and rescue both of them. Fortunately, Anu was fine at the end of the 30 mins episode (except that he had red swollen eyes from all the crying) and everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Lessons learnt: 1. We need to remove the outside lock on the bathroom door altogether, and 2. Anu is going to give Kabu a run for his money in the area of trouble-making.
But all is well, that ends well.

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Bachchu Mausi said...

Holy cow!!How did he manage to lock the door?!