Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie Time

Yesterday we took Kabir out for his first movie ever - Rio. He has never been interested in watching TV or cartoons, but we thought this would be a nice change for him. We dropped Anurag at nana-nani's place and headed to the multiplex in the R city Mall.
The movie was wonderful! It was a 3D version but Kabu didn't want to wear the glasses (his reason:"I can see without glasses so I don't need them"). I had already told him the story of the movie, hoping that it would help him follow along. He was surprisingly engaged for about an hour. But then he ran out of popcorn and wanted to leave! So I took him out in the seating area where we played and ate some more. Saurabh decided to stay in and watched the whole movie :-)
We had a good time and the theater experience was amazing. The best part was the food: everything from kathi rolls and chaat to pasta and icecream was available and there were people who came in to the theater during intermission to take orders and even delivered the food at our seats! That was probably the only reason why they provided an intermission in a 1.5 hr long movie! I think I'm going to be watching many more animated movies in the future.

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