Monday, March 14, 2011

Anurag's birthday parties

We held a small, informal pool party on the terrace to celebrate Anurag's first birthday on March 8th. It was only appropriate to put the water baby back into a tub of water on his first birthday!

Kabir was happy to get the pools ready for the kids

The birthday boy enjoyed his brief stay in the pool (had to be brief because of the cold he is still fighting)

As was expected, Kabir refused to step out of the pool till it was time to eat the cake!

On an earlier weekend, we also held a more formal birthday party.

We felt fortunate to have close family, and good friends - both old and new- with us to celebrate this day. More pictures are on Facebook here and here


Abha said...

Happy Birthday Anurag..!!

You won't believe what I noticed.. The wrapping around the cake - Monginis!! -Missed the good old days..
You are obviously looking gorgeous and I loved loved Appi's dupatta...:)

anu said...

many more happy returns of the the baby..