Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kabir's words

Inspired by Nagaja, I thought of documenting some interesting comments made by Kabir recently:
- My mother asked the vegetable vendor (who comes to our house everyday) how much the cauliflower was for. As soon as the he replied, Kabir responded "bohot mehengi hai!" (its too expensive)!
- As the maid gets ready to leave after doing the dishes, Kabir yells to her "fir kal subah aa jana" (come again tomorrow morning).
- I said to Kabir "doodh khatam karo" (finish your milk). Kabir replies "chinta nahi karo mamma, main pi raha hoon" (don't you worry mamma, I'm drinking it)
- Kabir said to Anurag when he started crying "Kya hua Anurag? Aap kyon pareshaan ho rahe ho?" (What is the matter Anurag? What is worrying you?)
- Kabir to nanaji: "aap baith jao, aap bohot thak gaye ho" (sit down, you are very tired).
- Kabir's random monologue "hum log aeroplane me baithenge aur zooom karke chale jayenge Portland. Wahan Iren se milenge aur bolenge - bye bye...see you Monday!" (We will sit in a plane and zoom away to Portland where we will meet Iren and say to her - bye bye..see you Monday!)


Smita said...

Cute ones. Good to hear some "Kabir Vani". 2 blogs on the same day - keep it up. Btw - it must be very late in night, what are you doing so late?

shaifali said...

can't believe you are miles away right now..when i write this...but yes ..we miss you guys pooja..a lot..

shaifali said...

going to have the first get together tomorrow nite at our place.. your absence is strongly felt..lots of love to the kids..

Nagaja said...

Hehe, isn't it funny how these kids sound when they say something all grown-up, with that baby face? :)

Kabir's Hindi is really good - guess you guys must speak it at home a lot! Appu's Hindi is limited to the words 'topi', 'kachra' and 'daal/roti' :)

sacredfig said...

Yeh padh kar badaa mazaa aaya...we smile everytime we think of these comments...
"Gobhi bahut mehngi hai"...haha! GEM!