Friday, April 2, 2010

Kisses from Kabu

I took this video when Anurag was about two and half weeks old. Kabu loves to kiss his baby bhaiya! Don't let this mislead you though...because unfortunately Kabu enjoys troubling Anu just as much. I've found him pulling Anu's legs and arms, pulling Anu's hat off his head, pulling his hair and once he even decided to put his heaviest book right on top of Anu! Needless to say, we have to be very watchful. But I'm hoping that this is just a passing phase (before Anu will be strong enough to make it a more fair fight!)


Shiva said...

Congratulations on Anurag!! That was so cute.

Izabella said...

Kabir said "puszika" after he kissed Anurag, which means "little kiss" in Hungarian. :)

Mohit said...

dina n i have watched this 15 times now... "bhiaya happy ho gaya" is too cute.