Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kabir turns two!

Kabir turned two today! While he obviously doesn't get what a birthday is, I think he has started associating it with balloons, party, friends and cake. And isn't that what it is all about (atleast at this age!)
We had a little celebration on Sunday with Kabir's little buddies.
We ordered a special egg less & dairy less cake for the party. So for the first time he was able to enjoy cake like other kids.

And then we had a another informal celebration where Kabu and Chandu uncle (who has the same birthday) cut another cake
So all in all, we had a quite a bit of excitement and celebration around the big day! Happy birthday Kabu!


Megha said...

Happy Birthday Kabir! :)

Roli said...

Happy Birthday Kabir! I love how happy you look with the cake :). Have mom make some more.

Pooja, hope you are feeling well and enjoying the pregnancy cravings.

Abha said...

Happy Birthday Kabir!
Love the picture of him with his cake moustache

Izabella said...

Thanks for sharing! He is growing up too fast!