Monday, October 5, 2009

हिन्दी में सीखें क ख ग

आजकल कबीर की मनपसंद किताब है : हिन्दी क ख ग। आइये देखें


Poonam said...

I cant believe it.. his speech is so clear and he knows hindi varnmala so well at such a young age... hats off to you Pooja.. he is such a adorable kid...
- Poonam

Megha said...

How old is he again? :)

Nandita M said...

waah waah. He is living up to his name. Abhi jaldi hee dohe likhne lagega.
His pronounciation of "r" is ekdam desi style. Ekdam properly bola "anaar" "samudra".
btw. what is thatera? Please enlighten me.