Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kabir and Arushi

One of our most enjoyable trips recently was our trip to Chicago about two months ago . The highlight of our trip was the time we spent with my dear friends Abha and Soumitra and their daughter Arushi. Arushi is about three months younger than Kabir and Kabir left no stone unturned in bullying her :)
Although I'm late in posting them, these pictures hold a special place in my heart. I feel they are symbolic of the friendship that Abha and I share and cherish. The two of us have shared our experiences through various stages of our lives - as college students, as roommates, as independent girls working in corporate America, as married women and now as mothers. It was indeed a special feeling to see our kids play together!

Arushi and her beloved dou-dou

Kabu shows off walking to Arushi

Our divide and conquer strategy for meal times

some outdoor play time

morning play time

Twins? Or chaddi-buddies? :-)


roli said...

ohhh ...these are the cutest photos:)

Abha said...

I love the Chuddy Buddies pic :) puchhees to Kabbu

Smita said...

very cute photos :).

Nandita said...

Such cute pics. Both the kiddies looking super adorable.

asha said...
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Poorva said...

pooches to both, very cute! its awesome that they would be in the superlative chuddy buddy category :)