Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting Esha

Last month, we planned a short trip to Seattle to meet some old college friends. It was the first time we met Esha - Smita and Kaustubh's almost 2 yr old adorable toddler. Its a shame that in spite of living so close (in relative terms) to one another, we've seen so little of each other in the last few years. Luckily, Kabu and Esha hit it off as soon as they met and spent many hours playing together.
This is the best pic we could get with both moms & kids

Play with pots and pans

Each got one lota and chammach to play with

The following morning we spent some time in the playground

Although it was short, the trip was a memorable one! Esha - come down to Portland soon and play with us :-)

1 comment:

Megha said...

Nice pictures! Looks like the kiddos enjoyed being around each other :)
I'd seen Esha at Roli's baby shower. She's definitely grown quite a bit since then.