Sunday, March 16, 2014


There has been little action on the blog lately, which can be attributed to the over-the-top action in our household in the past few months.
* The first update is that I joined the PhD program at IIT since January to continue the research I was engaged in as a research staff for the past 2.5 years. This meant taking the entrance exam in December and now attending classes, writing exams and doing a lot of reading all over again! But so far I'm enjoying the flexibility that comes with the student life and I'm loving being part of the student community again.
* There was much action in our home in the last month or so with Kabir's 6th birthday in Feb and Anurag's 4th birthday last week. It was made special by Zoya's presence who visited India along with Kakku bua and Erroll fufaji for a month. The three kids bonded a lot and it was adorable to see little zoya run behind the boys calling "baiya, baiya". Pics/ videos to come soon (hopefully).
* Kabir took a week off from school and visited Rajasthan with Saurabh. This was the first time he took a trip without me. They attended a wedding and spent time at dada-dadi's place with zoya, bua and others. Anurag, ofcourse, was quite upset that he didn't get to go. But I had my midterms at the same time so he stayed back with me (and I got to discover the excitement of studying for exams with a 4 year old at home - fortunately neighbours came to rescue big time!)
* Another big update is that Kabir is done with first grade at school. How time has flown! He has a month long vacation and school reopens in April when he will start in 2nd standard. Summer vacation will follow in May-June.
* Speaking of summer, it has started to get really warm here - which means we're back to swimming! And season's first mangoes are here too. :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Republic Day 2014

The Republic Day tradition continues (see past years)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

10 years

Kabir's card for us on our 10th wedding anniversary.

We recently celebrated another milestone - for the first time since the kids were born, we left them for a week with my parents and went for a vacation by ourselves. We understand that they enjoyed far more than us (it was during their Xmas break)! We spent a few relaxed days at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam and came back with promises to revisit with the kids soon. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas singing

We had our annual Christmas program in IIT today in which campus kids perform songs and dances taught to them by some very talented parents. Kabir was a (somewhat distracted) shepherd in the nativity scene and was part of the kids singing group. Anurag too was part of the kids group but decided that he didn't want to be on stage.

Some videos:
Nativity scene
Kids group
and more

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Action song

Kabir with his classmates singing "Bachche man ke sachche" for their inter-house action song competition. Video taken during their class rehearsal.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A toothy grin

A super-excited kabu after losing his first milk-tooth. The tooth came off  this morning while he was brushing his teeth. He already has a replacement which appeared a few weeks ago behind the milk-tooth. Kabu thinks he now has the required proof for being a big kid.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pampu and Papi

It is hard to believe that Pampu and Papi have so far never found a mention on this mommy-blog even though they are such an integral part of our family. But its never too late and so here is a long overdue post about them. Pampu and Papi are two special people who have lived with us for well over a year now. But what makes it hard to introduce them is that they have a bit of identity crisis. Some times they are Anurag's closest friends and some times they make him very angry. Often they pretend to be Anurag's children and lately they have even become his students. Regardless, they are the naughtiest kids who live in our house and always the ones to be blamed for any mischief caused - a broken lamp, objects thrown down our window, crayon marks on the wall, useful stuff thrown in the dustbin etc. Meet Pampu and Papi - Anurag's beautiful "imaginary" friends. 

If you talk to Anurag, he can tell you stories after stories of Pampu and Papi. Like how they are bad boys because they don't drink milk and then cry when they have to go to school. They haven't learn their alphabets and numbers yet and so Anu has to teach it to them. Sometimes they are difficult and ask Anu not to go to bed at bedtime or naptime and play with them instead. They are always creating mischief even though Anu asks them not to do it (like breaking the lamp, throwing objects down the balcony etc...). Sometimes they make Anu their mama and he has to take care of them, drop them to school, feed them, read them stories and even scold them when they are naughty.They always travel with us wherever we go. If you ever want to know where they are and what they are upto at any instant, all you need to do is ask Anu and he gives a detailed response.

Most recently a third child called "Lapan" has joined the team. He is a new entrant to the family so we are yet to discover him fully. But I am sure that he/she (we aren't sure of the gender yet) will make our lives even more interesting.